Robco GmbH

Robco was founded in 2020, on a basis of 7 years of research at the industry-leading chair for robotics and AI at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Our vision is to enable robots for everyone. We want to offer companies of all sizes the opportunity to utilize our robot kit to intuitively automate their production. With our tailored All-in-One robot solution, we accompany SME’s in their transformation process to Industry 4.0. In addition to the modular and intuitive assembly of our robot kit and the endless configuration possibilities, what makes them stand out is the unique software. Based on the research results of the robotics chair at TU Munich, we have developed a software that enables the modules to understand which configuration they are currently in, and for which application they are being used. This guarantees the quick and easy plug & play application of our kit without complex programming or specialized staff.

  • Modular Robotic-kit
  • RaaS

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